2018 Program

The Hurricanes are excited to announce our 2018 Production, Clash Atop Olympus.

The production will delve into the exciting world of Greek mythology, which is made up of a body of stories concerning the gods, heroes, and rituals of the ancient Greeks. Greek mythology has subsequently had extensive influence on the arts and literature of Western civilization.  The myths of the Greeks have remained unrivaled in the Western world as sources of imaginative and appealing ideas, and the Hurricanes are excited to explore these ideas in 2018!

Movement 1 will introduce Cronus, who became King of the Titans after overthrowing his father. A prophecy predicted he would one day be overthrown by his children.  This prophecy came true , as brothers Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus waged war on Cronus. After their victory, the brothers divided the world they now had control of and ruled over their respective areas.

Movement 2 focuses on Poseidon, who was God of the sea. The musical and visual motion of this production  will feature aspects of water, wind, and storms which are synonymous with Poseidon..

Movement 3 features Hades, who was God of the underworld and the dead.  This production will depict the dark and ominous world that Hades ruled.

Movement 4 is about Zeus, the God of the sky and thunder.  He was the ruler of all Olympian Gods. He is well known for his ability to throw lightning bolts at those who defied or displeased him.

The Hurricanes are excited to perform this unique and challenging show, featuring original music by arrangers Key Poulan, Tony Gamble & Michael Wyatt.  Visual Designer Kevin Bell & Color Guard Designer Bella Cataudella will set the stage visually for this exciting mythological production.

The show artwork was completed by Sara Zunda.  Sara is a recent Illustration graduate in the greater New Haven and New York areas. She is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer interested in fantasy style storytelling. She is also a Connecticut Hurricanes Alumni. So she jumped at the opportunity to work with the corps again and help create the logo for the Clash Atop Olympus show. This piece was created as a digital illustration using bold black lines and smooth lively colors. Trying to capture the vivid personalities and power of each Greek god was the most fun and most challenging part of the piece’s creation. Hopefully the work stands as a strong face to an even stronger field show to come later this summer.  Her website is sarazunda.com and you can also find her on Facebook.